Savvy real estate investing.

Leverage the experience of Chicago’s real estate negotiation experts to make sound real estate decisions.

Don’t interpret the market alone.

To be a savvy investor, you need to interpret the market data with ease. Only that is not easy to do.
The problem is in finding someone with a deep knowledge of the Chicago market and the experience to negotiate the best deal for you. It is almost impossible trying to find those qualities in one professional.

At The Nimick Team, we leverage our:

  • expertise
  • market knowledge
  • negotiating skill
… to help our clients make sound real estate investment purchases.

Whether you are flipping or acquiring rental units, we can help you. We guide our clients to their best options and negotiate the best deal.

We understand your real estate investments are a vital component of your financial portfolio.

Here is how we guide you through a smooth real estate investing experience:

1. Call Us

We’ll set up a time to meet and learn about your investment goals.

2. Enjoy an informed process.

Experience an informed buying process and win a great deal on your purchase.

3. Achieve.

With relative ease, reach your next real estate investment milestone!

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