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How Communication Was Key to Getting Nicole's Condo Sold

February 1, 2018 | By Dave Nimick

"The end result was that I sold my condo. I had tried to sell it a few times and never had any success. This time I think the market was a little bit better, but I also think that just by getting it set to the right price point was very helpful and they were helpful in doing that. I think communication was a big key factor. They really did a good job of just keeping me informed. They were really helpful in going out of their way - like at one point I was leaving for my honeymoon my renter was moving out, and I was going to be having showings, and I wasn't going to be there to make sure that his move out process went well. They actually went to the condo after he moved out to make sure that things were still presentable for when a showing did happen if that did happen before I got back. So that was very helpful and again just the communication was great." -Nicole B.